World-Class Artwork, Tacos and Doughnuts

Yesterday I was a tourist, and it was the most perfect Saturday I’ve had in a long time.

My afternoon started at The Met with a wonderful friend of mine, Aline (She’s not a blogger, but her Twitter is great. Click here!). I haven’t been to The Met since my freshmen year of college, when the group I had gone with disbanded about 45 minutes into our visit, and then I got severely lost for the next 3 hours. Though there are admittedly much worse places to get lost, I don’t always 100% understand what I’m looking at if I’m alone. Aline is an Art major, and this trip to The Met was exponentially more fun, as I had someone standing right beside me to point out all of the cool stuff I would have never even thought of otherwise (Thank you, Aline!).

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We stayed at The Met until about dinnertime, before coming back downtown to Times Square to meet up with another one of my closest friends, Nora, to check out City Kitchen (More shameless promotion: she has a killer blog! Click here!). City Kitchen just opened in the Row NYC Hotel, and although it’s located basically in Times Square, not many people know about it yet. It’s a mini Chelsea Market/Reading Terminal Market, with approximately 9 different food stalls to choose from, a super cool seating space, and a bar for those interested.


We wanted to try everything, but Aline and I went with Gabriela’s Taqueria for tacos, while Nora skipped the whole dinner thing altogether and went straight for Dough Doughnuts (We later joined in on this, too!). Other vendors include Azuki, Whitman’s NY, and Luke’s Lobster (All the regrets over not getting a Lobster Roll…).

Warning: The tacos, although tasty, are very expensive, and are deceivingly priced. It says $4.25-$6 on the menu, but that’s the price for only one mini-taco – I was starving and ordered three, thus dropping almost 20 bucks. The doughnuts, however, are worth the price ($3 each). We tried a Hibiscus, a Dulce de Leche, and a Salted Chocolate Caramel. The Salted Caramel was the winner for me, but to be honest I’ve never met a doughnut I didn’t like. 😉


Definitely stop by while City Kitchen is still a delicious Midtown secret. You may even find me and my friends sneaking back in for those doughnuts…


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