I Let Someone Else Dress Me

There isn’t a lot of fashion stuff that goes on this blog, mostly because fashion has always been just a hobby of mine. I like putting together outfits and doing my makeup, experimenting, cleaning my closet, and the like. Most days I consider myself to be decently stylish. It doesn’t always happen, though. I’m currently writing this post in a weird Broadway-themed t-shirt and some shorts.

When I started my real person job, I decided it was time for me to dress like a real person 99% of the time, as opposed to, let’s say, about 75% of the time (That’s generous. I wear everything repeatedly until it literally falls apart. I have a pair of boots that I spilled Sambuca on in London, then got chocolate ice cream all over on a hot September day in NYC, and then walked all over Denmark in them, and I still have them. See what I’m getting at?). It was time for some real, quality items, so I decided to give Trunk Club a shot.

Trunk Club is like Ipsy or BarkBox, but with clothes and better. It’s a styling service from Nordstorm that gives you a personal stylist to fix your life. You tell them what you’re into and they search the internet for the perfect pieces. You then approve them, and they get sent to you for you to try. Whatever you like, you keep. Whatever you don’t, you can send back fo’ free (yes, free!).

When I signed up, I was almost immediately asked to set up a call with my stylist. We talked about my lifestyle, my hobbies and interests, and what I’m looking to get out of using the service. From there, via their app, I could see what my stylist Liz was choosing for me. I could veto whatever I thought didn’t suit me or my lifestyle (i.e. Work-inappropriate, won’t travel well, not my style, etc.). Liz was awesome, as I am notoriously picky about everything. When we finally settled on 13-15 items, this cute little trunk showed up at my house about four days later:


The good: I was essentially playing dress-up sans my old itchy dance costumes. Many of the pieces were incredibly cool and were from brands I’d never heard of. Oh, and Liz nailed the shoe game. She found these puppies below, which I’ve now worn to work several times (Did I also mention they’re crazy comfortable? SCORE!)

13839760_10209057804194822_1148843716_o (1)

Not my best work, photography-wise… I think I’m much better at food…

The bad: My sizing was super off, so most of the clothing didn’t fit. This one was probably on me for not being clear. It’s hard to explain to a stranger how you like things to sit on your body. The only thing I bought were the shoes, but if everything fit, I would’ve bought it all.

The best: Their customer service is GLORIOUS. I was charged for an item I didn’t keep, but when I called their helpline, it was no more than two minutes before it was fixed with no questions asked. They’ve already asked for feedback and if I’d like to do another trunk, to which the answer is definitely yes.

It’s not something I’d usually do, but I’m all in for trying new things. It’s fun, it’s a confidence boost, and it’s an excuse to step up your style game, even just a little. And if I’m not convincing enough, even Buzzfeed loves them. We can all be the best-dressed versions of ourselves together!

Use this link to get started: www.trunkclub.com/invite/4DV4YA


2 thoughts on “I Let Someone Else Dress Me

  1. This looks like fun! I have a terrible time trying to dress myself as well hehe. Did you actually enter measurements or was sizing verbal during the chat with your stylist? Thanks for sharing!

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