Welcome to my little space on the Internet! I’m Ilana; by day I work in technology, but food and travel have always been my greatest passions. I was raised on the importance of seeing the world, storytelling, good food, and even better company to share it all with.

Someone mistakenly let me leave the country alone for the first time at age 16, sparking my obsession with, well, everywhere. I lived in New York City for four years to attend university, did a small stint in Austin, TX, and I’m still calling New York home… for now, anyway. 😉

I’m making an adventure out of wherever I am. Hit the “Travel” tab to satisfy your wanderlust (Local adventures in there too!), the “Food” tab for all things yummy, the “Poetry” tab if you’re feeling deep, and the “Thoughts” tab for some unsolicited opinions.

Thank you so much for coming along for the ride!

**All written and visual content is my own, unless otherwise noted. Please do not use without permission.**

Questions? Thoughts? Don’t hesitate! Let’s chat: thegeekytravelerblog@gmail.com

Check out more of my work:


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