Movie Night

It’s summer, and I still live at

home. As we roll and rattle down the

Mass Pike, in a car older than any of its

three passengers 150 miles from my own

suburbia, I watch as the tops of the trees

engulf the sky in the low dusk light

like stagnant black smoke, and I think

about how much bigger the sky looks here.


I’m listening to your laughter bounce from

the windshield to the backseat and back

again, and as per usual I don’t know what

you two find so funny but I can say with

absolute certainty all I want is to bottle your

giggles, film you cackling so hard there are

delicate lines of mascara tracing trails down

your cheeks, and to watch you both catch

moonlight between your fingertips forever.


Throwback Thursday: Secret Sweets

It’s not news that I’m so many levels of obsessed with the city of Boston. I’m really not sure why, as it’s pretty obvious that hardcore New York blood courses through my veins, but I can’t get enough of it. I think it’s beyond quaint, unpretentious but still gritty, inviting but full of tough love all at once. Back in March, my cousin Jamie and I went up for a girls weekend, and were lucky enough to be shown around by two native Bostonians.

They took us bar-hopping, and were determined to show us the itty bitty city’s little gems, like standing-only taverns and the wonder that is cans of Downeast Cider (which is brewed in Massachusetts!). But of all the places we stopped at on our “tour,” my favorite was Modern Pastry.

Modern Pastry is known as the rival to the infamous Mike’s Pastry in North End. Any cannoli flavor you could ever dream of exists between these two pastry shops alone. They’re both marvelous, but this really isn’t new information; the lines for Mike’s and for Modern Pastry are always out the door and down the block.

Here’s the secret: skip the line at Modern Pastry and walk straight towards the back of the bakery, where you’ll see a sign on the right-hand wall that looks like this:


It’s not just decoration…

I was so in love the moment we walked downstairs.

love film reaction disney vintage

Basically me ^ GIF Credit: Giphy

There’s a hidden bar beneath Modern Pastry with ample seating. Feast your eyes upon the Boston paraphernalia decorating the walls, or anything that’s playing on their countless TVs. You can find your usual suspects on the drink menu, but they also have a full list of sweet pastry-themed cocktails (see the Boston Crème martini below, because how could I not?).


The cherry on top of it all? You’ll also be given a menu of all the treats that are available upstairs. You can order any pastry your heart desires and someone will bring it down to you.


Relationship Status: This cannoli.

No waiting, no lines, no crowds- just you, your martini, a cannoli, and some friends. It’s definitively what heaven must be like.

Just be careful about coming back upstairs with melted chocolate on your fingers, or those poor souls on the line down the block might get suspicious…

Modern Pastry

257 Hanover St

Boston, MA 02113


Collecting Memories

I’m an avid picture taker, and an avid writer (Obviously…). But, as I cleaned out my phone and laptop in preparation for new adventures (OK, mostly because I have far too many pictures of food floating around…) I found myself thinking about my collection of best travel moments, almost none of which are preserved in any of my pictures or journals. I think this is the beauty of travel, really… To collect memories of the moments you can’t put into words or keep forever in picture.

A few of my favorites (and perhaps my best attempt at some pictures to explain):

  • Hopping on a plane from Austin to Boston by myself at 3 AM in full hysterics, because loneliness is 200% a real emotion. I was so impressed with myself for trusting my gut. It’s also, to date, one of my favorite summer weekends; more here.

Boston Skyline, from the tarmac at Logan International

  • The Western Wall on Shabbat, the holiest day of the week for those of the Jewish faith. Whether you know what’s going on or not, there was a spirit and energy in the air that I hadn’t ever felt before, and haven’t been able to find since. The women’s side of the wall is full of song, dance, and celebration. Cried through most of that one too, but happy tears, I promise!


  • Taking residence on this balcony in Rome to watch everyone go by on Via Nazionale (No cappuccino though, unfortunately!).

Via Nazionale

  • Picnicking under the Eiffel Tour on the most perfect August day.



Walk The Moon @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

  • Breezing through London on one of those ridiculous tourist buses on my second trip to the city. I swear those things are secretly gold, and having been just a few months earlier, nothing was better than getting to see everything again in a different light.

Top of St. Paul’s Cathedral

My addiction to traveling is all about memories like these. Every time I think about them, I get all excited about the prospect of having more of them. Side effect of the travel bug? I mean, at this point, it wouldn’t surprise me…

Falling In Love

… With yet another city where the weather sucks about 75% percent of the time and the people have some degree of a bad attitude, but are we really surprised?

My friend and I declared it a mini-vacation, left our laptops in our rooms, and traded NYC for Boston for the weekend. We kicked it off with two (exceedingly awesome) seats to Ed Sheeran’s first and only US stadium show at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA on Friday night (things we’ve been counting down to since literally June…). He is nothing short of incredible live; it’s just him, a loop pedal, and his guitar. To top it off, it was my first night ever in a stadium, and the very first time I’ve ever seen a crowd of just iPhone flashlights light up an area with 50,000 people in it, as if someone had turned the stadium lights on. The night was breathtaking, and for the girl who’s always thinking about her next trip, there was nowhere else I would’ve rather been at that very moment. It was the kind of show that leaves you saying, “Give me five or ten minutes collect my jaw off the floor, and regain my cool, if that’s at all possible” (It’s not. I had no composure for most of the show and most of the evening afterwards, he’s THAT GOOD).

IMG_2300IMG_2343And when we woke up the next morning and had finished recapping the night 700 times, we headed off to spend the afternoon in Boston. Boston was adorable. Having only ever really been once before at about age 11 (I don’t think this summer counts…), this was a treat. A purely walking city, I set one foot down on the cobblestone street and knew Boston was much more my speed than many places I’ve been recently. I fell hard and fast for the stately buildings, the harbor, the history, the flawless weather, their new Primark, and the extensive use of the word “wicked” to describe everything but the Broadway show. I know the perfect autumn breeze doesn’t last forever, but I feel like the New York-meets-London-meets-Copenhagen vibe might. Someone had basically taken all my favorite parts of some of the world’s best cities and stuck them all together, leaving me wishing I had more time to explore (as always…).


Boston Harbor

I’m aware that most of my posts about cities are more like love letters than anything else, but nevertheless, it felt good to be back on better (less total and complete meltdown?) terms. I’m already planning another visit to really get my hands on everything. Who knows, Boston could be my next big move…

I Think I’ll Go To Boston

So if you aren’t familiar with one of my all-time favorite songs, even though New York and Boston are sworn enemies, click here. And yes, I totally played this song as we took off from DFW, and descended into BOS.

I have to admit it. I got lonely, a little bit sad, and it got to the point where I was willing to put down just about any amount of money to be in the presence of anyone I knew and loved. So I did.

Right up there with my most brilliant ideas? Maybe not. Worth it? Absolutely.

I made a really impulsive, very expensive decision about four days before the 4th of July to crash at one of my friend’s houses just outside of Boston. We talk non-stop, but I hadn’t seen her for months and I missed her like crazy, and I really needed someone to validate my consistent use of the word “hella” and be accepting of my constant talking about New York.

Honestly, the first thing we did when I got off the plane (besides encounter some severe issues finding each other) was go to Costco. We have one in my little suburban town back home, and as a kid I never liked going (because I was, and probably still am, that kid who doesn’t like shopping unless it’s specifically for me), but it was the most fun I’ve ever had going to Costco. Being away makes you appreciate all of the little things you take for granted, like going for thirds on all of Costco’s samples.

We grabbed pizza and visited an old-fashioned candy shop, and saw Magic Mike XXL just for Channing Tatum and Twitch. We made several Dunkin’ Donuts runs (Dunkin’ was invented in Massachusetts so they’re everywhere, and I can’t get to the one in Austin!). On the 4th of July, we crashed someone’s backyard fireworks show. In reality, it was the simplest suburban weekend in the history of ever, but it might have been the most fun I’ve had all summer.


On top of that, perhaps what made me happiest (since I am currently attempting to live alone for the very first time) was that I got to go off to bed for two nights knowing my friend was asleep on the other side of the room, instead of several states and a time zone away. Apparently I never realized how much of a difference it makes to know that your parents are just down the hall, or your sister is next door, or that your friends live just 3 floors below you or across the street. It’s another thing I have clearly taken for granted (Being an adult is going really well, guys…).

It was over all too soon, I was missing it before I even left the ground at Logan International, and I already cannot wait to go back.

I hear it’s nice in the summer… Augustana, I can assure you it’s all that and then some.